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episode 9: ‘barbarian’s heart’ w/ erin of heaving bosoms

Erin, of the Heaving Bosoms podcast, and I discuss the tragic romance of Pashov and Stacey from Barbarian’s Heart.

She loves him, but he can’t remember her. It’s my kryptonite, y’all.

We follow these two as they road-trip across the ice planet to the tribe’s new home and try to repair their broken bond. But he keeps saying the wrong and she won’t give the guy a break.

In one last ditch effort, Pashov “kidnaps” Stacey (with permission from his chief, of course) and whisks her away to a hunter cave to rekindle their romance.

Come back next week when Andrea, of the Shelf Love podcast, and I discuss Barbarian’s Hope. Heads up for that one: the book contains discussion of the loss of a child.

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