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episode 6: ‘barbarian’s mate’ w/ mollie from black chick lit

We’re taking it back to where it all began! This week, I’m joined by my longtime friend and cohost, Mollie, from Black Chick Lit. We discuss the very first book in the series that I ever read, Barbarian’s Mate.

Mollie was there with me when I discovered the series, so it’s only proper that she join me for this trip back to Not Hoth.

We had a lot of questions: How did Josie not feel that IUD slip out her pants? Where is the Ice Planet sex planet? And is Haeden actually an idiot?

The pod is off next week, but be sure to check back the following week when Melinda, from Romance Sparks Joy and the RomBkPod joins me to discuss book seven, Barbarian’s Heart.

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  1. Kristy M Kristy M

    So…my first ever IUD fell out of me. Fell. Out.

    I did not feel it until I was washing in the shower, very first thing in the morning and it was right there, just hanging out of me. And I don’t even have a cootie that was responsible for shoving on it. Just a bitchy cervix.

    Josie’s IUD landing by her boot and her not feeling it slide down her breech legging in the middle of Not Hoth Winter is entirely plausible to me. Entirely.

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