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episode 5: ‘barbarian’s prize’ w/ funmi

We ruin all your favorite foods in this one.

This week, I’m joined romance reader, blogger and Ice Planet newbie Funmi as we discuss Barbarian’s Prize, Tiffany and Salukh’s book.

Brace yourself, because this episode doesn’t shy away from anything. Comparisons to Cinnabon icing and viscous Capri-Suns are made. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

But along with that, we have a great discussion of trauma and healing after sexual assualt. We don’t talk details, but you should definitely be aware that sexual assualt and rape are mentioned in this episode.

Get ready for the ultimate messiness next week when I’m joined by my Black Chick Lit co-host, Mollie, as we read Barbarian’s Mate, the first book in the series I ever read!

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