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welcome to the ice planet

Literally nobody asked for this. But y’all are getting it anyway. The Ice Planet Podcast, where each week I, along with a guest, will dive into Ruby Dixon’s Ice Planet Barbarian’s series.

haven’t heard of ‘ice planet barbarians’?

I’m so honored to be the one to introduce you to it.

The Ice Planet Barbarians series follows a group of human women alien abductees as they adjust to life on a barren ice planet populated by … well, barbarians, I suppose, but that sounds rude af. They are aliens. Big, blue aliens with heart worms. It’s a lot more romantic than I’m making it sound, I promise.

interested in reading more?

Well, you lucky duck, you’ve got plenty of options.

  • If you have Kindle Unlimited or want to purchase ebook copies, you can find the entire series on Amazon.
  • Many of the books are also included in the Audible Escape package, also available through Amazon.
  • Finally, if you’re a library user like me, all of the books (as of this writing) are available on audio through Hoopla. Check your local library to see if you can access Hoopla using your library card.

wanna subscribe?

You can the podcasts wherever you find podcasts, including iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.