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episode 9: ‘barbarian’s heart’ w/ erin of heaving bosoms

Erin, of the Heaving Bosoms podcast, and I discuss the tragic romance of Pashov and Stacey from Barbarian’s Heart.

She loves him, but he can’t remember her. It’s my kryptonite, y’all.

episode 8: ‘barbarian’s taming’ with ana coqui

In case you didn’t know, my all-time favorite gif is the one featuring Marie Kondo gleefully stating that she loves mess.

Well, Ms. Kondo, you’d love Barbarian’s Taming, because our girl Maddie and her man, Hassen, are MESSY. Ana Coqui, of the Beyond the Sectors and RomBkLove podcasts, joins me as we discuss their questionable decisions.