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episode 8: ‘barbarian’s taming’ with ana coqui

In case you didn’t know, my all-time favorite gif is the one featuring Marie Kondo gleefully stating that she loves mess.

Well, Ms. Kondo, you’d love Barbarian’s Taming, because our girl Maddie and her man, Hassen, are MESSY. Ana Coqui, of the Beyond the Sectors and RomBkLove podcasts, joins me as we discuss their questionable decisions.

Not only does Maddie pick the tribe’s loneliest, most desperate man to have a no-strings-attached fling with (lol good luck enforcing that), she picks the dude who is exiled for stealing her own sister.

Somehow, though, these two outsiders make it work. But, will Maddie’s sister ever accept them? Will Hassen be able to convince Vektal to put an end to his (admittedly mild) exile?

Turns out, none of that matters because a catastrophic earthquake destroys to Tribal Caves and puts the whole community out on the ice streets.

It’s a plot-heavy read with some big consequences for the tribe. Listen in next week as I discuss Barbarian’s Heart, featuring poor Pashov and his poor busted head, with Erin of Heaving Bosoms.

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