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episode 7: ‘barbarian’s touch’ w/ melinda of romance sparks joy

I can’t believe I made it through this entire episode without making a single! Miss Cleo joke. This episode, Melinda, from Romance Sparks Joy, joins me to read about the Ice Planet’s resident psychic and his alien girlfriend, Lila.

Lila gives us some of the series best character development, as she grows a timid damsel-in-distress to a daring outdoors-woman.

This books gives us a lot of series firsts, as well. We got the first mention of the fruit caves, the first hint that those creepy metlaks aren’t as feral as they seem and, finally!, the series’ first failed kidnapping. Hassen, buddy. Sucks for you.

Hear more about his sad punishment when I discuss Barbarian’s Taming with Ana from the RomBkLove podcast and a review for Love in Panels.

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