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episode 3: ‘barbarian lover’ w/ isabel of romance sparks joy

So much talk about dildos in this one.

For this episode, I’m joined by Isabel of Romance Sparks Joy to discuss Barbarian Lover, Kira and Aehako’s book.

We try and break down the real questions of this series: How do 7-foot-tall alien men romance 5-foot-tall human women? How is anyone getting any sleep in that loud fuck-cave? And why doesn’t anyone care about what happened to Harlow?

This book also provided us some A+ comedy bits, highlighted by the gift of an anatomically correct bone dildo. (Bonus: here’s the dildo that Isabel says would be a good stand-in for the sa-khui’s junk.)

Prepare to delete your search history and join in. Next week, listen in for a discussion of Barbarian Mine with Erin of Learning the Tropes.

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