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episode 2: ‘barbarian alien’ w/ the lusty intellectuals

Welcome back to the ice planet!

We meet Raahosh and Liz, the Ice Planet’s resident tsunderes. It’s the first of many kidnapping plots and many mispronunciations of Haeden’s name. It’s also the first of many, many, many discussions of the spur. Strap in.

For this episode, I’m joined by guests Bobbi and Ellen from The Lusty Intellectuals. They are actually the ones who retweeted that giant blue dildo photo in my Instagram feed that sort of sparked this whole thing, so it’s fitting. We’ve come full circle and now we’re all talking about blue dicks.

Thank you to everyone who listened, who shared, who tweeted, who left a comment or otherwise engaged with the podcast. I had a lot of fun putting that first episode together and I’m so happy to hear that people enjoyed listening to it.

Second, the podcast has an official email! Send your comments, questions, theories, feedback or whatever to

Check out the pod next week when Isabel of Romance Sparks Joy joins me to discuss Barbarian Lover.

Got a comment? Question? Correction? Confession? Reach out on Twitter at @iceplanetpod and I may share it on the pod.

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  1. Kami Kami

    Jude Deveraux was my first romance too. I read lost lady at like 13, and I look back on it weirdly, it was so cool then, but now I’m like… consent?

    I actually put off reading these books for awhile, IPB I mean, because my initial reaction to the cover and reading the word barbarian was like, I was reminded of a lot of bad books I’ve read or just glanced at with the word barbarian and often they might not be good at consent and the like. I’m so happy I finally got bored enough to pick these ones and then discover how amazing they actually are. Ruby Dixon has raised my standards for romance.

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