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episode 16: ‘barbarian’s beloved’ w/ juno sunbear

We’re going back in time! In this episode, we flashback to the very beginning to see what went down when the Ice Planet’s saddest woman and most emotionally intelligent hunter resonated.

Author Juno Sunbear declares Ariana the mascot for 2020 (Sad Bitch 2020) and I fawn over how great a job Zolaya does at helping her cope. We’re both creeped out by their eerie kid, though.

We also talk about what’s happening over at the Icehome Village. Do the new arrivals even know the Croatoan Village has indoor plumbing and heated floors? Did they get a choice before being abandoned on that beach? Justice for the Beach Tribe!

Be on the look out for the next episode when I’ll talk Barbarian’s Seduction with author Sarah MacLean!

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