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episode 15: ‘barbarian’s tease’ with katrina jackson

This episode, I’m joined by author Katrina Jackson to discuss Barbarian’s Tease, the 15th book in the Ice Planet Barbarians series. And, whew! Brook and Taushen really tested us in this one. They basically that one Katy Perry song.

They’re also kind of dumb. 😂

Along with their antics, we discuss whether tails should be a requirement in alien romances, life in the new Icehome tribe and how Brook needs to LEAVE TIFFANY ALONE!

Be on the look out for the next episode when I’ll talk Barbarian’s Beloved with erotica author Juno Sunbear.

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  1. Marlene Marlene

    Hi Dani –

    Once again not able to download the podcast. Keeps showing up as 0 minutes long. 🙁

  2. Marlene Marlene

    Hi Dani –
    Me again. While I wasn’t able to download from Apple, iTunes, or the website, but I *was* able to listen via Spotify. Go figure!

    I hope your mom continues to improve, and you stay sane and healthy in all this craziness.

    Here’s to foolishness!

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