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episode 14: ‘barbarian’s rescue’ with jenny of the wicked wallflowers podcast

Heyyyyyy, listeners! I hope you all are thriving and surviving as 2020 continues to 2020. I recorded this episode back in May and have finally kicked my butt in gear to share. Thank you for being so patient, ’cause I’m struggling. 🙃

But at least I’m having great conversations with funny people while doing so. This episode, I’m joined by Jenny Nordbak from the Wicked Wallflowers Club.

She and I discussed Barbarian’s Rescue, also known as the one where everything gets blown up! Summer and Warrek are straight up action stars in this book … and we skimmed all that to talk about the kissing.

We also try and figure out what is considered second base (over the shirt or under??) as well as what an Ice Planet Talent Show would look like.

Be sure to join me for the next book, Barbarian’s Tease, when I’ll be joined by author Katrina Jackson.

Got a comment? Question? Correction? Confession? Reach out and chat through Twitter at @iceplanetpod or email me at and I may share your message on the pod.


  1. Marlene Marlene

    But…there’s no podcast there (?). It shows as 0:00 and nothing plays or downloads.

    • Dani Dani

      Sorry about that! The link has been fixed and should be working soon.

      • Marlene Marlene

        Hallelujah! Just downloaded on iTunes.

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