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episode 13: barbarian’s lady w/ not your mom’s romance book club

The series goes back to its roots in this book, with couples hiding from the tribe and making out in caves.

But things get messy (literally!) quickly for Kate and Harrec when the big blue barbarian suffers a serious injury. To complicate matters, our boy can’t handle the sight of his own blood.

Ellen and Ellen’s Mom from the Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club join me to discuss Ice Planet exposure therapy, Harrec’s lack of game and whether the sa-khui kiss-and-tell.

Join me for the next episode when we discuss Warrek and Summer’s book, Barbarian’s Rescue.

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  1. Briana Briana

    Am I only one who was a little annoyed/perplexed that Sessah went on the trip to the elder cave with them and he just disappears with no explanation before the end of the book?

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