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episode 12: ‘barbarian’s redemption’ w/ jen of fated mates

This book starts with the hero buying human slaves from intergalactic smugglers.

Big yikes!

Luckily for us, Ms. Dixon doesn’t burden the story with descriptions of horrors and trauma. Instead, we follow our newly resonated couple, Bek and Elly, as they work to trust and understand one another.

Jen, from the Twitter account JenReadsRomance, joins me as we discuss Bek’s surprising redemption (okay, not that surprising … it’s in the title).

Next week, I’ll be joined by Ellen and Ellen’s Mom from the Not Your Mom’s Romance Book Club to discuss Barbarian’s Lady. What debauchery have I introduced into their lives?!

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  1. Lela Lela

    Fabulous to see you back again, 🥰

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